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Big Brother… it’s deplorable.


Summer 2000

A banging Paul Oakenfold track blasts out of the telly.

I’d had the tinter net for 3 years now and just upgraded to a home ISDN  Line – 64k  from BT (or was it 128k) No more “nic dong kao dene, crrrsss, crrrssss, crssss ( my attempt a writing out the sound a dial up modem made), 56k modem.

Top Tech from 1999

Top Tech from 1999

Life was good, I had a web agency (Fernhart) that was going great guns, we were working with ITV, Virgin and Domino’s Pizza. Kinda living the life actually. Jayne was 8 months pregnant with Louis too 🙂

We (Jayne and me) just kind of stumbled on Big Brother 1 because we watched a lot of Channel 4 back then, although my TV viewing hours had taken a nosedive over the last few years, but BB 1 hooked me. Why… well they were streaming the cameras from the house 24/7 over the web of course!!!

Geeee… what did you think? I wanted to watch people (total strangers to each other) living together in a house, being filmed for editing and TX across the network ? Nah, course not, but I was one of 10 million that watched the final and witnessed the winner give £70,000 to a little girl with health problems.

I was also one of a small group of people watching a TV broadcast live across the internet. Bloody amazing, in it’s day. I saw the nasty Nick and Craig classic live, as it happened. My good fortune.

We didn’t get anywhere near the project as an agency (Fernhart New Media), we were working with ITV, Victoria Real of Brighton had nailed the corridors of Channel 4. Victoria Real did an awesome job, many many other claimed Big Brother involvement, but it was Victoria Real and Peter Pedersen (C4 CTO) who were the heroes. Peter built the online play out (streaming) infrastruture, Victoria Real did front end.

Big Brother (Endemol)  innovated. Thankyou Channel 4 and Endemol.

And that’s it. I had a loyalty for Big Brother for 10 years, I’m a Taurus, I’m loyal.

Oh sorry… one more thing…The title of the post, about being “deplorable”, well a guy on Twitter called @audio thinks Big Brother is deplorable. I don’t agree, but I respect him.


Author: darenbbc

DAREN FORSYTH Founder & CEO 140Characters.co.uk Daren Forsyth is the Founder and CEO of 140Characters.co.uk, a new venture dedicated to creating and promoting social change via strategic social networking across the corporate, governmental and nonprofit sectors. The company is based in London, England. A 15-year veteran of the digital media arena, Forsyth has earned the reputation of an energetic, dynamic and innovative business leader. A self-proclaimed evangelist for what’s possible when communications technology is employed to bridge brands and organisations with their publics, Forsyth believes that 140Characters can both tap and leverage the growing demand and need for productive alliances between the communities. The company will embrace basic social-media dynamics, as well as tools as simple as home computers, to connect diverse networks within a strategic design. The goal is to offer an unprecedented medium to collect, synthesise and generate the shared ideas, knowledge and feelings that, as a body, can effect change across broad sectors. Prior to launching 140Characters.co.uk , Forsyth served three years at the British Broadcasting Corporation in a variety of executive-level business posts, beginning April 2006. In 2007, he was promoted to Senior Business Development Manager in the Future Media and Technology division. There, Forsyth established the BBC's strategic partnership with Microsoft, orchestrating the meeting between Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, and the BBC director general, Mark Thompson. In addition, he created partnerships with IBM and was actively engaged in the BBC Archive and iPlayer projects. In late 2007, Forsyth was tapped by officials and seconded to become Director of Innovation and New Media for the Media Trust. The Media Trust is a UK, broadcasting industry-supported charity that promotes communication between the voluntary sector and the media. Over the course of his tenure, through early 2009, Forsyth shepherded a host of critical digital media initiatives, including an alliance with prestigious Siemens, which donated servers to the charity and helped update the technical infrastructure of the organisation. Before joining the BBC, Forsyth was a key player in the digital startup revolution. From 1996 until its sale in 2005, he was Founder and Managing Director of the highly successful Fernhart New Media, which he built into one of the UK’s most dominant digital TV and Web agencies. Now, returned to his entrepreneurial roots with 140Characters.co.uk, Forsyth is excited by the potential of his creative new venture. Daren Forsyth has been profiled in numerous business and industry publications, including: New Media Age, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. In 2004, the UK Government recognised Forsyth as a “Top 100 Pioneer of the First Internet Decade.” Forsyth is available to conduct workshops for corporations and nonprofit groups; to speak at corporate events, digital summits, public relations and marketing conferences, and news-industry meetings. He is also a facilitator for assisting governmental agencies in effectively engaging and communicating with their constituencies via social media and new technologies.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother… it’s deplorable.

  1. Great points…I would note that as someone who really doesn’t write on blogs much (in fact, this may be my first post), I don’t think the term “lurker” is very becoming to a non-posting reader. It’s not your fault in the least , but perhaps the blogosphere could come up with a better, non-creepy name for the 90% of us that enjoy just reading the content .

  2. Wow! what an idea! What a concept! Beautiful .. Remarkable …

  3. I normally don’t post in Blogs but your weblog forced me to, incredible work.. lovely …

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