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Onions, Twitter and Trust – #140Conf Tel Aviv


I had a great time on Tuesday 17th November with a five minute talk on “Serendipity” at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Character Conference at London’s O2.

Here is an AudioBoo of the speech: Listen!

Also a Video shot by Damien @b33god the link has Stephen Fry’s epic speech as well.

The speech went down really well, I received some lovely tweets about it and spent the rest of the day talking to as many folks as possible.

Then Jeff offered me a slot at the Tel Aviv 140Character Conference on December 6th.

A few folks on twitter saw my tweets about wanting to go to Tel Aviv and “represent” the UK at the conference. One great man @digitalmaverick suggested that I needed 32 Twitter friends to chip in £10 each and that would cover the flight. I slept on the idea, as I was uncomfortable it may come across as begging. But I received some tweets encouraging me next day from @bensaint , @gemmawent , @drewellis , @b33god , @juicyinfo , @dailytwitter , @joga5 , @overthewire , @dr_black @scottgould .

The result of these tweets got things to the point where #Likeminds founders @scottgould and @drewellis are sponsoring my flight cost £340 (including the ridiculous £4.50 credit card surcharge, I’m sure it doesn’t cost BA that, but hey, hard times for our national carrier, hence my loyalty and not booking cheaper options, I’m flying British Airways, because I really do think they are the best and worth the little bit extra, remember the crash landing on BA flight from Beijing last year ? Great piece of piloting).

But then still others wanted to contribute, and it’s so #BloodyBrilliant that people want to support, I thought I would create some sponsor opportunities for other costs. Taxi Fares, Hotel (1 night), Maybe some food and I thought a round of drinks for Jeff Pulver and his team.

So here goes: If you would like to take part and chip in anything from £5 to £50 I will dedicate part of my speech to the Tel Aviv audience to this incredible piece of Twitter love. I will name check and put up a photo of your Twitter avatar or Company Logo. If you have company/brand t-shirt I will wear it on some part of the journey (not on stage, I always wear my suit) take a pic and TwitPic it.

So… the additional costs budget (all approx) are below.

To and from Heathrow – £20 petrol money for Joe (21) my eldest son.

Taxi from to and from Tel Aviv Airport to the Conference venue – Not sure how much that will be, but would be surprised if over £40 each way.

Hotel, well… I guess £70 will cover that. Trick is to stay as close to conference venue as possible to reduce more taxi fares. I’ve booked flights that get me into Tel Aviv at 5.25am on the morning of the conference, I/We save a nights hotel accommodation costs like that. I leave Tel Aviv at 7.30am on Monday 7th December. So I’m in Tel Aviv 26.5 hours, I thought the less time I’m there, the more costs are kept down. Not sure how much sleep I’m going to get, praying I get lucky and BA upgrade me to one of those fully flat seats in the Business Cabin, I can sleep then. 7th December is also my son’s Joe 22nd Birthday, so I really needed to get back and I will land at Heathrow 11.25am.

Food, well no more than £15 needed for that I guess (I’m happy with a couple of Shwarma’s to keep me going).

A round of drinks after the conference… £20 I guess ?

So… there you have it. I do hope you don’t think it’s begging. I’ve been encouraged by some wonderful people and I think if we make it happen, it’s a great example of Twitter trust, love and sharing. A story of a community supporting a community member. I will of course blog the whole experience, name check and link out to everyone that takes part.

You can Chip In Here: http://darenbbc.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/7127c47a5a4869d4

Please please comment on my blog if you chip in.

If there is a balance/surplus left after the trip, we can all decide what to do with it, that sound OK ?

It’s looking like I will be the only British resident speaking at the conference, so I will do the very best I can to represent UK tweeters as the coolest on the planet.

Thanks to those that tipped this over edge to make it happen.


Author: darenbbc

DAREN FORSYTH Founder & CEO 140Characters.co.uk Daren Forsyth is the Founder and CEO of 140Characters.co.uk, a new venture dedicated to creating and promoting social change via strategic social networking across the corporate, governmental and nonprofit sectors. The company is based in London, England. A 15-year veteran of the digital media arena, Forsyth has earned the reputation of an energetic, dynamic and innovative business leader. A self-proclaimed evangelist for what’s possible when communications technology is employed to bridge brands and organisations with their publics, Forsyth believes that 140Characters can both tap and leverage the growing demand and need for productive alliances between the communities. The company will embrace basic social-media dynamics, as well as tools as simple as home computers, to connect diverse networks within a strategic design. The goal is to offer an unprecedented medium to collect, synthesise and generate the shared ideas, knowledge and feelings that, as a body, can effect change across broad sectors. Prior to launching 140Characters.co.uk , Forsyth served three years at the British Broadcasting Corporation in a variety of executive-level business posts, beginning April 2006. In 2007, he was promoted to Senior Business Development Manager in the Future Media and Technology division. There, Forsyth established the BBC's strategic partnership with Microsoft, orchestrating the meeting between Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, and the BBC director general, Mark Thompson. In addition, he created partnerships with IBM and was actively engaged in the BBC Archive and iPlayer projects. In late 2007, Forsyth was tapped by officials and seconded to become Director of Innovation and New Media for the Media Trust. The Media Trust is a UK, broadcasting industry-supported charity that promotes communication between the voluntary sector and the media. Over the course of his tenure, through early 2009, Forsyth shepherded a host of critical digital media initiatives, including an alliance with prestigious Siemens, which donated servers to the charity and helped update the technical infrastructure of the organisation. Before joining the BBC, Forsyth was a key player in the digital startup revolution. From 1996 until its sale in 2005, he was Founder and Managing Director of the highly successful Fernhart New Media, which he built into one of the UK’s most dominant digital TV and Web agencies. Now, returned to his entrepreneurial roots with 140Characters.co.uk, Forsyth is excited by the potential of his creative new venture. Daren Forsyth has been profiled in numerous business and industry publications, including: New Media Age, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. In 2004, the UK Government recognised Forsyth as a “Top 100 Pioneer of the First Internet Decade.” Forsyth is available to conduct workshops for corporations and nonprofit groups; to speak at corporate events, digital summits, public relations and marketing conferences, and news-industry meetings. He is also a facilitator for assisting governmental agencies in effectively engaging and communicating with their constituencies via social media and new technologies.

11 thoughts on “Onions, Twitter and Trust – #140Conf Tel Aviv

  1. Some more coins on its way – hope it helps.


  2. Thnak you very much Rob. Very very kind.

  3. A little more to help you get a long way!
    Good luck and am sure you’ll get lots of support! Will be doing similar myself in early 2009 as I need to get across the pond for a big nonprofit tech conference in Spring, so will watch how your campaign goes and learn from the master! 🙂
    Anyway, good luck with the fundraising, you’ll have a wonderful time and experience and importantly, spread your good work even further to so many new faces.

  4. Daren,

    It’s an honour to be able to support you as you fly the British flag at #140conf in TLV.

    Looking forward to hearing the reports already!


  5. Hi Mate. Have an amazing time. Some cash deposited for you!

    Enjoy and make sure you share your stories!


  6. Just helped you on your Israeli mission. Good luck with it and look forward to hearing all about it…

  7. Though I enjoy a good shawarma every once in a while, I think it’s a bit of a shame to settle for shawarmas in a city with such great restaurants. Willing to chip in if you promise to get a proper dinner 🙂

  8. Haha, that’s brilliant!! It’s a deal! 🙂 Thank you very much.

  9. OK, chipped in for a decent first course. Let me know if you need recommendations or company 🙂 Looking forward to your talk on Sunday!

  10. Daren,

    Have a great trip mate.

    I love the whole Twitter Serendipity aspect and that you are flying to Tel Aviv courtesy of #likeminds and with help from your Twitter friends.

    Be proud my friend; very proud and enjoy your trip.

    Warm regards

  11. I’ve put in my bit – sorry the timings didn’t work out so I could chauffeur you to and from LHR. The tweetbike was a tempting thought heh heh…

    Travel safe fella, and do us proud!

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