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#OpenHouse Thursday (Night) 26th August till Monday 30th August 2010


It’s an #OpenHouse invitation/gathering during the last days of #Summer2010  (doors of my home open for people to drop by, stay a while, cook a bit, drink a bit, talk a bit, play a bit maybe even sleep over) on the very edge of the Countryside in Surrey.

Although it is #OpenHouse,  I’m specifically inviting people I love, respect, admire, listen to, learn from, take strength and motivation from. I hope you can come to my place for any amount of time, from an hour to a few days, you’re very very welcome. I’d love to share my home and outdoor space with you.

I have dreamy ideas of great debates with the many brilliant people i have connected with in the last two years (yes it’s that long since Twitter, leaving BBC land and embarking on a new journey. A journey I am really enjoying and that is taking me to places and experiences that you just couldn’t “script”).  I have visions of laughter, silliness and amazement, bad jokes, goood jokes, funny accidents, and great song 🙂

We could have days out… Brighton and the Seaside (40mins), The Surrey Hills (15 Mins) , Devils Dyke (30 Mins), plus lots of National Trust sites that are localish,  trips in Central London are only  35 Mins too. Or we can have days “in” lounging. My garden backs onto woodland it’s circa 4/5 miles of fields and woods and walks with views on high. It’s easy to just go hike, and there is a lovely pub about 30 minutes into a walk.

To get to #OpenHouse is really quite easy…

Zone 6 on the Rail Network direct from Victoria, London Bridge 32 Mins and Clapham Junction 25 mins on modern air conditioned trains. From the South around Brighton, it’s a quick whizz up to East Croydon by train and a change for a journey 15 Mins back south.  I’m 10 Mins and a straight road from Junc 6 on M25 too, I can handle up to 6/7 cars if parked right :), there’s no yellow lines on the road either.

I’ve connected and built friendships with an incredibly wide section of people via Twitter, I’m really hoping a good slice of you can come and meet each other, swap stories, world changing views maybe.  Everyone is guaranteed a hearty welcome.

What about Kids ? Well look at the garden… of course! they are welcome, lots and lots to explore :-).

It would be excellent if you came and you’re in to gardening and/or cooking, you’ll be a very special guest indeed – Bring your tools and gadgets, recipes and ingredients.

I’ve got room for 10 or so to sleep each night, I reckon (airbeds, sharing the floor etc), and the garden can take a good selection of tents, even a couple of massive ones!

If @leashless comes, maybe we could build a Hexayurt ? I would really love that!

It would be very cool if you brought along some supplies (anything you like), enough to share maybe ?

I’d defo like a big conversation about #BigSociety. Oh…. music, there will be MUSIC and your welcome to come and “plug and play” wherever you find a set of speakers.  Not BIG! LOUD!  I haz lovely neighbours, but, well, you know, loud enough for the moment.

Not sure how to structure knowing who’s coming when. The Serendipitous potential of the #OpenHouse is something I’m quite excited about, but… I guess it would be good to know who’s maybe coming on what days. EventBrite seems a bit ordered, any ideas ???  Do share, I need some spark of genius 🙂

I really hope to see you and yours, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy some of my garden snaps.

#OpenHouse Garden on Flickr



Author: darenbbc

DAREN FORSYTH Founder & CEO 140Characters.co.uk Daren Forsyth is the Founder and CEO of 140Characters.co.uk, a new venture dedicated to creating and promoting social change via strategic social networking across the corporate, governmental and nonprofit sectors. The company is based in London, England. A 15-year veteran of the digital media arena, Forsyth has earned the reputation of an energetic, dynamic and innovative business leader. A self-proclaimed evangelist for what’s possible when communications technology is employed to bridge brands and organisations with their publics, Forsyth believes that 140Characters can both tap and leverage the growing demand and need for productive alliances between the communities. The company will embrace basic social-media dynamics, as well as tools as simple as home computers, to connect diverse networks within a strategic design. The goal is to offer an unprecedented medium to collect, synthesise and generate the shared ideas, knowledge and feelings that, as a body, can effect change across broad sectors. Prior to launching 140Characters.co.uk , Forsyth served three years at the British Broadcasting Corporation in a variety of executive-level business posts, beginning April 2006. In 2007, he was promoted to Senior Business Development Manager in the Future Media and Technology division. There, Forsyth established the BBC's strategic partnership with Microsoft, orchestrating the meeting between Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, and the BBC director general, Mark Thompson. In addition, he created partnerships with IBM and was actively engaged in the BBC Archive and iPlayer projects. In late 2007, Forsyth was tapped by officials and seconded to become Director of Innovation and New Media for the Media Trust. The Media Trust is a UK, broadcasting industry-supported charity that promotes communication between the voluntary sector and the media. Over the course of his tenure, through early 2009, Forsyth shepherded a host of critical digital media initiatives, including an alliance with prestigious Siemens, which donated servers to the charity and helped update the technical infrastructure of the organisation. Before joining the BBC, Forsyth was a key player in the digital startup revolution. From 1996 until its sale in 2005, he was Founder and Managing Director of the highly successful Fernhart New Media, which he built into one of the UK’s most dominant digital TV and Web agencies. Now, returned to his entrepreneurial roots with 140Characters.co.uk, Forsyth is excited by the potential of his creative new venture. Daren Forsyth has been profiled in numerous business and industry publications, including: New Media Age, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. In 2004, the UK Government recognised Forsyth as a “Top 100 Pioneer of the First Internet Decade.” Forsyth is available to conduct workshops for corporations and nonprofit groups; to speak at corporate events, digital summits, public relations and marketing conferences, and news-industry meetings. He is also a facilitator for assisting governmental agencies in effectively engaging and communicating with their constituencies via social media and new technologies.

21 thoughts on “#OpenHouse Thursday (Night) 26th August till Monday 30th August 2010

  1. gosh, what a brill idea, and thank you so much for invite…
    … soz, we are dairy farmers, we can’t just up sticks much as we would like to.
    I hope you have a great #openhouse and I will share the experience with you virtually.
    chris xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely invite. Its so sweet & am very touched.

    What a fabulous idea #openhouse. Am so looking forward to meet you & your wonderful family. Luv Lulu xxx

  3. Well that sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend – I have a wedding on the 28th to attend but would love to come on either side of that. Bring on the end of August!

  4. In a genuinely serious question would there be space for a two peep tent? (it’s like maybe 2m x 2m) that way I could come down on the train on the Friday and then head home again Saturday evening maybe?

    I think there maybe a family event that weekend so I need to check whats happening (and whether I’m invited lol) but will let you know 😀

  5. yes definately 🙂

  6. yay! bring that great BIG Smile 🙂

  7. I have in my head your friends with Lisa Goodchild yeah ? 🙂 Plus you always RT’ing 🙂 love to meet ya 🙂

  8. Wow, thanks a lot for the invite.

    Yes, it is a great idea. I am in. 🙂
    Anything I can help with, please give me a shout.

  9. Daren what a fabulous idea and wow thank you for the invite Fornowlooks like we can join you will definetly let you know the details as we get closer to the date. Thanks a lot !

  10. Wow – what a great idea, and thanks, I am flattered to be asked. I think I may be able to come by myself one night and happy to help with cooking for others even though I am dieting (so can’t drink either boooo).

    Take a look at http://www.doodle.com to set up a calendar for people to select when they are planning on coming. I tried it out for you – check out the example below – this version took me about a minute to set up 🙂 http://www.doodle.com/xxcya67uykbz8ku3

    Kathy x

  11. I’m truly honoured to get your invite and gutted I won’t be able to join you and all the fabulous people who can. It is DAATs 18th birthday that weekend – in the odd moment of calm I’ll be monitoring #OpenHouse to see what I’m missing! x

  12. Thank you so much for including me in your invite, unfortunately I have a 3 day snowboarding competition that weekend so won’t be able to join you. I hope you all have a great time though

  13. Hi Daren, what a stunning idea – and thank you for the invite, but I’m going to be enjoying french wine and cheese during that time – will keep a lookie out on the #openhouse hashtag, and maybe can join you all via a skype somehow as can’t be there to join in in person! Have a great time 🙂

  14. This sounds awesome Daren – thank you!

  15. Daren, you’ve outdone yourself yet again – what a great way of connecting.

    Maybe http://twtvite.com would be a more appropriate way of organising it than Eventbrite since you’re King of Tweetups! At least if it gives you a bit of idea of who is coming when it may help to keep you from getting too stressed with organising.

    I can’t make the weekend as my wife gets back from Singapore that Saturday but it’d be a pleasure to see you and your many interesting friends Thursday or Friday.

  16. Thanks for the invite Daren. Flattered to potentially be part of what sounds like being a fascinating weekend. Would love to bring my kids too if I can. So please count me/us in.

  17. How very lovely to be invited. I am able to attend Thu possibly Fri night – I have, if it is useful, a large six person tunnel tent which is capable of sleeping 12 – 15 if you use the living area too – I am happy to donate it to #openhouse on the premise I should pick it up again at some point afterwards as it will not be used again till next summer? Otherwise I can just bring a pop-up. Also have masses of folding chairs, air beds, covers etc etc – how much can you get into an IQ – an awful lot actually 😉

    I should be very happy to bake rock cakes, Welsh cakes, flapjacks and American style pancakes for you too 🙂

  18. Sounds like a lovely idea Daren. Many thanks for the invitation. I have trips to Oslo and Marseille around that time but should be able to head over, at least for one of the days, at the weekend.

    Look forward to it. Like a mini festival!

    p.s. I have several tents too if anyone needs to borrow one.

  19. Yes – so close so may make a few trips. Thank you so much. With kids, music, possibly even a camera…

  20. what a brilliant idea!

    thank you so much for the invite too! very flattered! 🙂

    i’d be delighted to come, of course! i’ll sort out which days i can get to and let you know asap.

    i’m more than happy to help out with a bit of cooking too!

  21. What a fantastic idea Im loving it. Will check the calendar and see if Damien and our little men can come and join you at some stage for some chatting and walking and the like

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