Connections, Ideas and Emotions

Build Better Connections

Building better connections with people, emotions, media, causes, issues and opinions in my own way, online and offline. Because I can 🙂

I’m Daren Forsyth thanks for reading my blog. I’m a Father of two men (26 and 21) and a teenager – Louis(13). I was a very young Dad at 20, and at 45 I’m still loving be a Father.

I have been in the Digital Media/Internet Sector eighteen years. I made some money and built my business reputation during the “Web 1.0” (E-Commerce) era (1996-2006).

I built and sold a digital agency, Fernhart New Media, that delivered projects (innovative ones for the time) for BBC, Channel4, ITV, Sky and Virgin in the media sector, Domino’s Pizza, Sporting Index and Tote in the leisure/gaming sectors.

I started the “Web 2.0” (Sharing) era at the The BBC as a Senior Manager for Business Development, Future Media and Technology. I worked with teams including BBC iPlayer, BBC Archive, BBC Radio1, BBC News, BBC World Service and BBC World Service Trust. The best part of being at the BBC was being a member of the BBC Digital Olympics Committee. Commercially I executed strategic partnership agreements with Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, I managed to get Apple to a very senior breakfast meeting, just as I left for attachment to The Media Trust.

In 2007, I was recommended for an attachment to The Media Trust, a Marketing and Communications Charity supported by every major broadcaster in the UK, it had it’s own TV channel and web operation. I was their Director of Innovation and New Media.

In February 2008 I left the BBC (it was quite traumatic, I loved Auntie [UK nickname for BBC]) because it was recession time and recessions are too good to waste, so much change is possible in a recession, and with the digital tools available now, the world could really change for the better. After all the USA has it’s first black president and the CBI was looking to appoint it’s first female President.

I’m now a freelance consultant/thinker/ideas creator/catalyst/doer. I’m told I make things happen and say what a lot of people think, but rarely say themselves. I’m an idealist and I would like to play my role in changing the world for good before I die. My dream is World 2.0/Humanity 2.0 by 2050.

You can search me (“Daren Forsyth”) on Google and Bing

You can follow me on Twitter: @Daren140 but I probably wont accept a FaceBook “Friend Request” I’m not a massive fan of Facebook, they are sucking data about you and selling it, I don’t like how they do it.

This is my LinkedIn Profile for a profesional connection.

Or Email me.

The video below was my first inspiration around changing global culture. The presenter is Bill McDonough (co-author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things).


2 thoughts on “Build Better Connections

  1. Welcome 140characters! Watch this space!

    — Kjetil

  2. he is an inspirational guy…. ;0)

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