Connections, Ideas and Emotions

I haven’t blogged since July 2010, for those that know me, you know why. For those that don’t know me, that was then, this is now, and after two testing years I’m back, “On it”. yay! ūüôā

When your life changes and its causes you deep pain, how do you know when your’re back on balance, as you were before the change and ¬†pain came along ?

Well, it doesn’t just happen one day, at least it didn’t for me. For me, the first clue ( I’ve also called it an unblock) was in January 2012, but the final clue was on Saturday night ( September 1st 2012), on this beach (below) in North Norfolk.

Mundesley 2012

I was feeling a little different last Bank Holiday, I was watching Country File on BBC One ( I don’t watch TV usually), it was a special programme for the Bank Holiday prime time audience and it ¬†focused on the North Norfolk Coast, so I decided to take myself up there, with Claire this weekend.

Saturday September 1st¬†was the night after a Blue Moon, so a big bright moon was guaranteed for our night time beach walk. And what a beach walk it turned out to be, we had some music, a Union flag (to sit on) and a little LED ‘Mood Cube”. The moon was directly in front of us as we started walking, it was lighting up the beach for miles with a silver path of light for us, it was amazing, one of the purest experiences of my life. The sound and smell of the sea a gentle breeze and a moonlit path of silver light. Then I tunred my body toward the sea and there was a red shimmering star in the sky, I knew it was a planet but I didn’t know what one. I reached for my iPhone and fired up the SkyWalk app, it took a few seconds to fire up, I was so excited, it felt like 3 minutes!
Then SkyWalk revealed it was Jupiter! ¬†The largest planet in the Solar System, amazing! But then SkyWalk also mapped the star alignments too! It was Jupiter into Taurus. “I’m a Taurus!” I shouted out to Claire, “bloody hell, all of my stars are aligned tonight and I’m here to see it!”, “I can’t believe it, what does it mean Claire?”

Right then, at that second, I felt my old self (a positive flow as sense of purpose), as I was before the change and pain that came in 2010. ¬†I knew, I was “On it”, aligned, balanced, positive and ready for “lift off” again.

I could start listing some amazing people that were there for me over the last two years, but I’ll see them soon, hug them and let them know just how special they are and that I’ll always be there for them.

I’ve got a really busy September and October workwise and I’m going to blog more regularly, at least once a week is the aim. This is the first of many, thanks for reading ūüôā

If you have time… I discovered this song the day before our trip and I played it¬†several¬†times in the car on the way up there, it’s beautiful and some of the lyrics really touched me (the clues are in this post) – thank you @2morrowsvictory

Below is the astrological translation of Jupiter in Taurus ( I’m not a big Star Signs etc fan! but…) and the picture I took on the beach, sorry for the poor quality, but hopefully you get the idea.


   Jupiter in Taurus

Biggest benefic planet Jupiter will move into taurus on 16th may 2012.
It will remain in taurus till 30th may 2013, and during this period it will effect our experiences, knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. Jupiter in earth sign taurus, there can be a delight for sensual pleasures and a desire for the simple good life.