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Printing Money Is Easy, Isn’t It ?

A quick idealistic post based on the bummer I have at how money can just be printed by a Central Bank when requested by Government, and as taxpayers (including my sons) we pay the interest back to the Central Bank via our income tax. As a father I feel I need to do all I can to get my kids the best deal for their tax paid. So with that said…

We know the future is digital, period.

So… if we can print money, let’s print a healthy number of billions of pounds and go buy/ invest in foreign digital companies and assets. Participate in the growth.

The operational vehicle could be one of the banks we own as tax payers, so it’s not our UK Gov investing, it’s “our” bank, with our money.

My real point here is, during this time of almost system melt down, shouldn’t we seize the moment ? As tax payers, we own big chunks of UK Banks. That’s uber cool if you can direct it.

I’m a simple idealistic thinker… I bet the devil is in the detail 🙂

Thanks for reading.