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G20Voices – The People’s Voice

This blog thread has been set up to capture peoples voices during all of the #G20 Summit Carnivals, Protests and Demonstrations on Wednesday, 1st and Thursday, 2nd of April.

In response to the official @G20Voice twitter account, I have set up @G20Voices – the People’s Response.

I will be stopping people on the streets of London with an iPhone preloaded with AudioBoo which is a simple Mobile podcasting software. I will also be taking pictures live from the streets, raising awareness of the peoples voices and banners as they happen. You will be able to see these pictures on Twitpic.

My focus is to talk to everyday people, and gather their views on the economy, the internet, banks, politicians and how the world is generally. I’m also going to ask if people have any ideas of how the world could change for the better.

My twitter name is @DarenBBC (BBC = Building Better Connections). I believe that the internet now enables conversations on a massive scale, this project is based on a hope that many people of similar thinking, can connect with each other during the G20 Summit.  I’m passionate about the positive effect on society connecting people may have. Connecting with people has never been easier and there are no geographical barriers. The willingness to embrace new technology is the only obstacle (except affordability) to a whole new world of connections.

If you are still reading and interested…I think it’s really important I point out who I AM and what I am NOT.

I am NOT an Anti Capitalist. I have secured, for my family a safe and secure lifestyle because of the opportunities the UK, free markets and capitalism offer.

I am NOT an anarchist, I respect law and order. I respect Government, Ministers and MPs, but as is true of all humans, some I just can’t connect with.

I do NOT respect the Daily Mail though and The Express isn’t much better either.

I am NOT a technical expert, I am NOT a mobile media expert.

I am NOT a journalist, academic or blogger, this is my first blog and it’s only here because @mazi and @documentally on twitter made me do it.

I was a father at the age of 19, I have three sons aged 21, 16 and 8.

I AM an Ex Senior BBC and Charity Executive, and I have also built start up Companies and sold them for profit.

I AM a supporter of Capitalism but I feel it needs adjustment to ensure the sustainability of our planet and its people.

I AM currently investigating new business models in this new economic era.

I AM pretty fed up that Banks seem to be the most powerful and influential institutions known to mankind.

It just feels like the banking institutions rule the world and what they say goes. Well… seeing as the banks are broken, I think it’s time we… *all of us * are heard to say…

Stop! You got it wrong, you need our money now, but your behaviour, culture of greed, excess profits and bonus packages, must stop now.

Why am I doing this?

My eldest son is now a man, he’s law abiding, trustworthy and charming. Because of the down-turn he is now unemployed and when he does return to work, for decades, his taxes will be paying a debt that our generation of leaders has saddled his generation with.

I can’t look him in the eye, without him knowing, that I’m still trying to protect him from those that may prey on him.

But that’s my story (if you ask, I will blog more). This blog, the twitter stream @G20Voices and AudioBoo streams are for your stories and views on this G20 gathering of the world’s leaders.

I’ll be capturing as many voices as I can on the streets during Wednesday and Thursday, if you want to say anything, please do say something on twitter just type @G20Voices in the box or leave your comment here.

Some Credits:

@Araldia on Twitter made the blog come to fruition, as she works behind the scenes to link it all together.

@DominicCampbell has fuelled me and my passion, a truly brilliant young man, who is always on hand to support and connect collaboratively like nobody I have ever met, except me.

@ZyoZyFounder he just keeps telling me how good my tweeting is, and has instilled some confidence that my voice is worth hearing.

Thank you