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Big Brother… it’s deplorable.

Summer 2000

A banging Paul Oakenfold track blasts out of the telly.

I’d had the tinter net for 3 years now and just upgraded to a home ISDN  Line – 64k  from BT (or was it 128k) No more “nic dong kao dene, crrrsss, crrrssss, crssss ( my attempt a writing out the sound a dial up modem made), 56k modem.

Top Tech from 1999

Top Tech from 1999

Life was good, I had a web agency (Fernhart) that was going great guns, we were working with ITV, Virgin and Domino’s Pizza. Kinda living the life actually. Jayne was 8 months pregnant with Louis too 🙂

We (Jayne and me) just kind of stumbled on Big Brother 1 because we watched a lot of Channel 4 back then, although my TV viewing hours had taken a nosedive over the last few years, but BB 1 hooked me. Why… well they were streaming the cameras from the house 24/7 over the web of course!!!

Geeee… what did you think? I wanted to watch people (total strangers to each other) living together in a house, being filmed for editing and TX across the network ? Nah, course not, but I was one of 10 million that watched the final and witnessed the winner give £70,000 to a little girl with health problems.

I was also one of a small group of people watching a TV broadcast live across the internet. Bloody amazing, in it’s day. I saw the nasty Nick and Craig classic live, as it happened. My good fortune.

We didn’t get anywhere near the project as an agency (Fernhart New Media), we were working with ITV, Victoria Real of Brighton had nailed the corridors of Channel 4. Victoria Real did an awesome job, many many other claimed Big Brother involvement, but it was Victoria Real and Peter Pedersen (C4 CTO) who were the heroes. Peter built the online play out (streaming) infrastruture, Victoria Real did front end.

Big Brother (Endemol)  innovated. Thankyou Channel 4 and Endemol.

And that’s it. I had a loyalty for Big Brother for 10 years, I’m a Taurus, I’m loyal.

Oh sorry… one more thing…The title of the post, about being “deplorable”, well a guy on Twitter called @audio thinks Big Brother is deplorable. I don’t agree, but I respect him.