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Can You Trust a Romanian?

Damn right you can! 

Frankly I’m embarrassed to be British, the media hype around immigration and  morons espousing about “foreigners taking our jobs” blah blah blah.

In March this year, I had the very great pleasure of meeting an amazing man, Oleg. Oleg has a PHD equivalent in Design Engineering, a special visa to be in the UK because of his talent, a strapping teenage son and a wonderful wife who is a Doctor (Neurologist).

Oleg came to my home to fix my car (it wouldn’t start), I found Oleg on the Internet after two very poor experiences.

  1. Mercedes Benz wanted £80+Vat to just to plug my car into a computer before they would even take a guess what my problem might be.
  2. Greenflag recovery sent a lorry and a truly ignorant man to tow my car away, he didn’t arrive to diagnose a problem, just two it away to a garage. Useless.

Whereas Oleg (I now call him the Car Doctor) jumped into the car and asked me to explain what happened. We chatted for a couple of minutes. He said “I can fix this”. You know, that’s all you want to hear isn’t it? When you reach out to a professional, you want some little words of confidence to make you feel better.

Oleg checked a few things and within five minutes the car was started, amazing!

The problem? A fuse, a bloody fuse! I hope you are reading this Mercedes Benz and Greenflag! A FUSE!!!

Now, I would be lying if when Oleg first arrived and I heard his accent, for a split second I was doubtful, but I try to be a great human being and treat others fairly, no matter, colour or creed. I’m glad because I now have a true friend I admire and trust.

I had pre-agreed to pay Oleg £60 for the first hour of his time, I was very happy with £60, but Oleg refused to take my money! He said “It’s a fuse, I cannot charge you for fixing a fuse” – Amazing!

We settled on £20 for petrol and I asked if we could become friends and he work on other cars I had, I’d just started dealing in Mercedes SLK Roadsters. Lucky for me Oleg agreed.  I suspect a British mechanic may have charged me more by making up a problem and burning up the hour so he could charge me £60, it’s happened before.

Over the summer I introduced Oleg to friends and he helped others too.

Oleg had the time to help because he quit a job at a local garage because they were ripping off customers. Not replacing filters on services, charging for new oil when they were using old mixed oil. Customers were paying full price for servicing and were being blatantly robbed! Oleg said he just couldn’t take part in that, so decided to work alone, mobile.

I could make this blog post much longer and explain the racism I encountered whilst being with Oleg in situations over the summer, but I will try and end it here.

Oleg is Romanian, he’s an academic, he has principles and ethics and he is also highly skilled. During a conversation about the UK and Romania, Oleg shared how totally shocked and disappointed at the lack of ethics and morality in the UK. He didn’t expect it, he thought we would be a professional and ethical country, in his experience so far, we are anything but, some of his employers have been horrendous.

Take a good look in the mirror Britain, we are not all we think we are, I’d suggest we are living in the past, measuring ourselves against days gone by, and we are coming up short. Like I say, I’m embarrassed, but at least I have a new good friend that I admire and respect. Give people a chance huh and ignore the press, you never know, you may be delighted by what happens next.