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#UnderAPound #Under2Bucks – Share some pleasure

This blog post won’t change the world… but maybe, just maybe it might inspire folks to share some joy and pleasure. That’s the simple aim of #UnderAPound and #Under2Bucks. It won’t happen without *you* though.

One of my favourite days on Twitter is Saturday, the mornings are chilled, the afternoons can get footballie sometimes, and in the evening you can stumble on a #DrunkenTweet or two, always makes me smile.

But when I think about it… Saturday is my favourite day of the week, it’s rare that I don’t treat myself somehow on a Saturday, so it got me thinking…

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Twitter and Saturday, Saturday! What a day!

What about a day when people share a simple pleasure, something that makes them feel happy or content. Something that costs less than £1 or $2 (or any world currency equivalent) and tweet it with the Hashtag #UnderAPound or #Under2Bucks for USA.

So many creative and imaginative people  hang out on twitter that I just can’t help but feel (and mentally picture) a Saturday where loads of ideas are floating around the twittersphere. I can see folks performing a quick Twitter Search for #UnderAPound or #Under2Bucks before they head for the shops.  Maybe you could discover something really cool and that you’ve never tried before, but best of all, for #UnderAPound or #Under2Bucks

I launched a proof of concept last Saturday (May 9th 2009, Jayne’s birthday) and it seemed to go down quite well, some great ideas (and personalities) came out quite quickly with their ideas and even dirty secrets 🙂

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So… my treat if you’re interested is an  iTune 79p or a McD’s Cheezburger 89p.

I think some amazing ideas could be unleashed leading to some great connections between people  if #UnderAPound #Under2Bucks catches on..I’m trying to think of a downside, maybe you can tell me one ?

A great guy @lesanto launched a #Hashtag this week called #WhyITweet , the results were amazing, I really enjoyed reading some of the tweets, lets hope with your support we can all share #UnderAPound & #Under2Bucks ideas every Saturday.

All you have to do is share what you love and enjoy that costs under £1 or $2 Bucks on Twitter, for newbies you type out you’re tweet and add the following #UnderAPound or #Under2Bucks – that’s it 🙂 Give it a try for me ?

Maybe, brands will get involved in the future, selling us things that are usually £20/$40 for a £1/$2 , well we can dream can’t we.

For the first few weeks I’m going to RT the #UnderAPound / Under2Bucks ideas that come in, so if you want to follow me on Twitter I’m http://twitter.com/DarenBBC – BBC stands for Building Better Connections , not the UK Broadcaster.

Have a great Saturday and hope you find something very cool or pleasurable for #UnderAPound or #Under2Bucks

Thanks to @Dizzle ( “The Bonce” of EnabledbyDesign )who really encouraged me to give this a go.